200 Tumbler Tussle

The first 200 walkers to raise $500 get their very own toasty-warm exclusive CNOY Tumbler!

Coldest Night of the Year

Congratulations to the first 200 walkers who fundraised $500 or more. Your Tumbler is either in your hands already or, if you were part of the final 50 or so, your tumbler is in Canada Posts hands, on-route to your house!

How does this work exactly?

Bonus Questions

Wait, how do you know where I live?

You entered your address when you registered to walk - that's where we'll send your tumbler.

What if I'm the 201st person to raise $500?

We still love you! But we've only got 200 tumblers - once we send them out, we'll have 0 left to send you.

Why don't pledges count?

Because some unscrupulous person (who is most certainly not you) might have a bright idea about 'accidentally' entering a not-real pledge to get at that sweet, sweet tumbler goodness before you. The nerve of that guy! Luckily we've foiled his plan, so you can beat him to the tumbler fair and square.

What can I put in my tumbler?

Tumbles. It is an excellent place to keep your tumbles.

Got questions about the Coldest Night of the Year?
info@blueseafoundation.org / 1.877.743.3413