About Our Cause

The Coldest Night of the Year is a moment when tens of thousands of Canadians step outside the warmth and comfort of home and shine a light of welcome and inclusion.

Together, we're collecting donations that fund critical services at a local charity partner who serves and supports vulnerable families and individuals in our CNOY community.

Each step we take brings someone closer to safety, health and home, as together, we raise funds for organizations whose commitment and work transforms peoples’ lives.

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Our Coldest Night of the Year charity partners:

  • Welcome people experiencing homelessness, providing respite from constant wandering, wondering and watching one's back.
  • Nourish body and soul with food for all who need it and provided in a welcoming and dignified manner.
  • Foster healing through counselling, mental health assistance and other connections.
  • Support families at great risk of losing their housing, to prevent that downward descent.
  • Provide safe shelter and support to women, children and youth fleeing violence at home.
  • Help people find pathways to permanent housing, employment and futures.
Got questions about The Coldest Night of the Year?
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