About the Event

Join us on February 26, 2022!

The Coldest Night of the Year is a family-friendly fundraising walk held on February 26, 2022 that supports local charity partners who provide essential care and service for people experiencing homelessness, hunger, and other related vulnerabilities.

CNOY is a moment each year when tens of thousands of Canadians step outside the warmth and comfort of home and shine a light of welcome and compassion in their communities. Remarkably, the Coldest Night of the Year has raised $43,500,000 in 149 communities across Canada since it began in 2011. Learn more about our history.

How to Participate

Select one of two fun ways to participate in 2022.

More Details

CNOY Toques

Our thank you for a fundraising job well done!

When you go the extra mile and fundraise ($150 for adults, $75 for youth under 17 or under) we'll celebrate your efforts with an oh-so-comfy 2022 CNOY Toque.

COVID Concerns

Your safety is no joke

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that things can change quickly. Covid-related health risks and operational challenges may not permit us to assemble in large groups as planned. If provincial, municipal or district laws/guidelines restrict us we'll be ready to adjust quickly, communicate to you directly and help you gather safely in smaller, covid-friendly teams or walking individually.

Got questions about the Coldest Night of the Year?
info@cnoy.org | 1.877.743.3413