Covid Questions

The Top 5 Questions

As you might imagine, lots of people have questions about covid right now! Here are the 5 most common questions we're answering. To learn more, please check About the Event, take a look at some FAQ, or Contact us directly.

1. Is CNOY canceled or postponed?

No way! The Coldest Night of the Year will happen on Saturday, February 20, 2020. Circle that date!

2. Is there a virtual option for CNOY this year?

Yes, absolutely! Participants will self-organize individually or in team bubbles selecting their own safe walk route near home at a time convenient for them.

Note: A small number of locations will be hosting a 100% outdoor event where possible, coming together to walk as a socially distant group on 2 km or 5 km routes. (As of January 15, all locations in Ontario and Quebec are virtual-only.)

3. If everything is virtual what do I do with cash or cheques?

There’ll be no cash or cheque collection on event day this year - this will keep everyone safer, and reduce the organizing strain on busy CNOY charities:

4. What if this second wave hits hard?

If covid makes operating an In-Person event unsafe or unworkable for any location partner or their participants, we'll convert it to Virtual-Only. The fundraising can continue as always - that's the point after all! - but everyone will instead walk either individually, in bubbles, or in teams as they are comfortable.

5. Is there still a registration fee? (And, what about the toque?)

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