CNOY Endorsements

Here's a few nice things our charitable partners said about the event last year...

CMHA Duncan | Duncan, BC | raised $85,624 in 2023

“None of this would have been possible without the well-oiled machine that is the Blue Sea Foundation. The guidance and support provided by our Blue Sea partners was invaluable. We are thankful for the provision of the user-friendly interface at, promotional materials, signage, templates for success, weekly coaching, tax receipting, insurance, networks of community groups to share ideas with, and of course, hundreds of very cool toques!”

Deltassist | Delta, BC | raised $31,622 in 2023

“We literally couldn’t run half the programs we offer without this funding.”

Street Level | Peterborough, ON | raised $37,727 in 2023

“I am amazed at the “brand recognition” of CNOY! We have had businesses, union representatives, local media and community members I have never met reach out to us and ask us if it is OK that they donate to us and or walk with us just because they want to be part of the CNOY event! Amazing!”

Helping Hands Street | Hamilton Barton, ON | raised $79,810 in 2023

“Our donor and support base prior to joining in with CNOY 2022 was majority Christian, but CNOY has allowed us to increase our profile and support base beyond the Christian community. The CNOY name gave us credibility to receive a wider range of sponsors than we have seen before in any event, as well as a wider range of participants.”

Grace Inn Shelter | Belleville, ON | raised $68,052 in 2023

“This walk has allowed us to connect with our community in a way that most fundraisers don’t.”

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