Team Captain Corner

Your job is important

Team Captains play a vital role in the WALK. Here are some tips and tools to help you in your role.

At-a-glance Team Captain Duties

Bonus Recruitment ideas

Consider asking your...

  • Spouse/partner? Of course, they'll join your team. Tell them it's a date - then surprise them with the news they're about to spend it with hundreds of other sweaty people wearing toques - they'll never forget the moment you asked...
  • (Kids)) Why not right? What a learning opportunity. The issues of the hungry, homeless and hurting are so important - what a great way for them to learn.
  • Siblings You've got a couple on your nice list right? Great - now put them on your recruitment list.
  • Mom or Dad? Before you were born they used to have a life and did stuff, and had fun - and stuff - so ask them)
  • Work people Yeah, that's a term. All week long they keep thinking how wonderful you are - you might as well invite them onto your team and prove their assumptions correct!
  • Neighbours? You shovelled their driveway all last winter - they kind of owe you - invite them)
  • Friends? Exactly - they'd love to join you because you're the most bestest bestie for life friend in the whole wide world.
  • Boss? She'd be soooo impressed but then even more impressed when she finds out you didn't invite her to impress her...
  • Pastor Tell them they can wear their vestments on the walk, if they want.
  • Classmates? Save them from a Saturday of Netflix binging and help them do something fun and meaningful.
  • Church or small group These folks are great fun and might love to walk for a few hours on a Saturday. Tell them it's a potluck though - church people LOVE potlucks.
  • Pilates instructor, yoga friend, the guy beside you on the bus every morning (Joe something), your favourite barista at SBUX who always remembers your order, your accountant, your lawyer (our causes are a matter of justice - they should be all over it), your doctor, dentist, or do-gooder-friend-at-the-club-who-is-always-helping-somebody - the list is endless. Enjoy the brainstorming.

Download and read "25 Tips for recruiting walkers"for even more ideas.

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