The 2021 Video

CNOY 2021 VideoIt’s a confusing time. Nobody’s quite sure how we all fit together.

A place for everyone

It’s a confusing time. Every ad’s like, ‘hey, hashtag we’re all in this together!’, but sometimes it feels like we’re more disconnected than ever. We’re all so different. It’s hard to know where to start... it’s like, everyone sees just their little piece of the world, but nobody’s quite sure how we all fit together.

This past year has shaken our lives. Some people muddled through, but some slipped through the cracks.

Some people are experiencing abuse, trying to get through the day while missing meals. Searching for a safe place to sleep, maybe for the first time. Maybe they made choices they regret, or maybe they were blindsided by something totally unpredictable. And now they’re lost, wondering if there’s a place for them tonight. And it’s cold out there.

That’s what the Coldest Night of the Year is about. It’s when people of all shapes and colors connect together, whether virtually or in-person, to see the bigger picture. To walk out into a cold Canadian night and raise money for charities serving people and families experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger.

So join us this February - register to walk, start a team, fundraise, volunteer, donate, and share #cnoy21. Because there is a place for everyone.

Got questions about the Coldest Night of the Year? | 1.877.743.3413