The 2020 Video

A walk in the Canadian winter

Your breath floats in the air.

Little blades of cold sneaking through every crack.

The low sun like a hole in a grey sweater.

Joyful echoes from a distant rink.

Snowplows groaning over the roads.

Car wheels purring as they rub along the snowbanks.

And best of all is when you get to come back home.

You kick off your boots, shake off your coat,

and you step back into the warmth.

But what if you couldn't?

What if home wasn't an option?

That's what the Coldest Night of the Year is all about. It's when we join together to walk for hungry, homeless, and hurting people and families in our community. So join us this February - Start a team, register to walk, and fundraise.

Because it's cold out there...

But it's warm in here.

Got questions about the Coldest Night of the Year? | 1.877.743.3413