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Challenge BrochureLearn more about how your big-hearted business, school, community group or church can get involved in the Coldest Night of the Year.
Family WaiverAllows a legal guardian or parent to quickly fill out a waiver for up to 10 participating family members, plus themselves.
Pledge FormCollect pledges manually with this handy sheet. (Or, do it online and save some paper!)
Waiver FormAll walkers and volunteers must complete a waiver form to participate - fill it out and bring it with you!
BookmarksThese 3" x 8" bookmarks can be printed and handed out at get-togethers, meetings, weddings, etc.
Email Letterhead (Generic)A simple and dateless Coldest Night of the Year email header to use between seasons of the event.
Email Letterhead 2018WALK-ify your messages! Drag this snappy 2018 letterhead image into your emails.
Letterhead (Generic)A simple and dateless Coldest Night of the Year letterhead to use between seasons of the event.
Letterhead 2018An all new frosty 2018 Coldest Night Letterhead, just begging for you to fill with mellifluous prose.
Logo PackThe legendary Coldest Night logo, in a variety of colors and formats.
Photo Pack 2017A big stack of fun and colourful WALK photos from our industrious and talented all-volunteer brigade.
Photo Pack 2018A dazzling array of CNOY pictures and snapshots, thanks to the hundreds of amazing volunteer photographers across Canada!
PosterThe CNOY snowflake is back and frostier than ever! Print out this poster on 8.5 x 14 (legal size) paper and cover everything...
Powerpoint SlidesOver 50 shiverrific slides included! Mix and match your favourites, brew your own presentation.
StencilsPrint at any size you want, cut 'em out, and spray away. (Get permission first!)
Toque Photos 2018Cool people looking cool in their cool new CNOY 2018 toques.
25 Tips for Recruiting Walkers25 short ideas, tips, and tricks (with pictures!) to help you get people walking with you.
Video (Legacy)The very first Coldest Night video - classic, and still very true.
Video 2013What does homelessness look like? The answer may surprise you...
Video 2014On time every day for 15 years. Proud mother of three. Two tours of duty. But their stories go deeper than our labels.
Video 2015So here's the plan Canada! Grab your calendar and get ready to walk in the 2015 Coldest Night of the Year.
Video 2016: HousingYou're leaving him. You've stuffed the kids into the backseat of a taxi.
Video 2016: Mental HealthYou're overwhelmed. It's just one thing after another.
Video 2016: YouthYou're 16 years old. Your life is in your backpack.
Video 2017It takes a lot to keep warm. We spend a lot of time, energy, money, and thought on it... because it’s important to us.
Video 2018How do they know which day is going to be the Coldest Night of the Year? Watch the video to find out...
Video Fundraising Tips8 quick tips (with cartoons) to supercharge your fundraising - show it to your team!
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