Toronto Riverdale Pape 5/10kmLast updated February 19, 2020 at 12:29 PM
Toronto Riverdale Pape 5/10kmLast updated February 19, 2020 at 12:29 PM


Turn LEFT onto Queen Street East when exiting the Ralph Thornton Community Centre and walk WEST to Broadview Ave.

You will pass Nellie's Storefront location where we run our Community Support & Outreach programs - it's on the north side of the street - 754 Queen St. E.

Cross at the lights and head NORTH on Broadview Ave. to Bain Ave. remaining on the east side of Broadview Ave.

Turn RIGHT on Bain Ave & remain on the south side of street.

Cross Logan Ave & turn RIGHT and walk SOUTH on Logan Ave.

REST STOP at 633 Logan Ave - Riverdale Perk Cafe - hot cider alert.

Turn LEFT onto Riverdale Ave to Pape Ave. Remain on North side of Riverdale Ave. **Future community hub of Nellie's!

Turn RIGHT at Pape Ave. towards Langley Ave. Remain on east side of Pape Ave.

Cross Langley and immediately turn RIGHT onto Langley Ave and walk on the south side towards Logan Ave. Follow the jog.

Cross Langley at Logan and immediately turn LEFT on Logan. Walk SOUTH to Dundas St E.

Cross Dundas Street E at the lights and turn RIGHT towards Wardell St. You will be on the south side of Dundas St. E.

Turn LEFT on Wardell St., walk south through the lovely park and merge onto DeGrassi St.

Continue SOUTH on DeGrassi & turn RIGHT on Queen St. E. - cross at the crosswalk to get to south side of Queen St E.

Turn right & walk EAST on Queen Street East to the Ralph Thornton Ctr for HOT chili!